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usage of an identity as an insult finger-pointing düşmanlık ayrımcılık Distortion / Hostility symbolization Christian düşmanlaştırma othering usage of an identity as an insults humiliation Insult/Enemity otherising Humiliation / Animosity hostility,dostortion
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  The main objective of the project is to combat racist and discriminatory, sexist and homophobic discourse, to unhide news including hate speech, create a public opinion against these publications and to contribute to reduce of hate speech in the media. While working for these goals we aim to provide information about “hate speech”, to open a public discussion on how deal with the problem of discriminatory discourse and hate speech and to foster media to respect human rights and minorities.


This project is funded by Freidrich Neumann Stiftung, Global Dialogue and MYMEDIA/Niras. The materials that are published do not necessarily reflect the views of the funders.       funded
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