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savaş söylemi hate Hostility/ War Discourse simgeleştirme insultation usage of the identity as an insult Rum racism denigration ayrımcılık Distortion / Insult Humiliation / Hostility usage of identity as an insult Jew
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We are a nation that establishes civilizations who determine the course of history

Aşık Nur

In response to the recently passed law in France that made the denial of the Armenian genocide illegal, the author adopts a belittling, humiliating and a hostile discourse against both the Armenians and the French. S/he belittles the French while glorifying the Turks, calls lobbyists who defend the aforementioned law, blind and ungrateful, and claims that France would not even exist in this world if it weren’t for Suleiman the Magnificient who protected them. According to the author, while the “Turkish Islamic Civilization” is dignified, just and ready to embrace every nation that accepts its sovereignity, the real slaughterers are the Armenian partisans and the French. The author further fosters hostility, using sentences such as, “Coming to our enemies, they should be careful... Turk’s animosity is tough”.

Sayfa: 10  Types of hate speech: Exaggeration, Distortion/ Insult, Humiliation / Animosity, War discourse,
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