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Unending Armenian Hate (1)
Karadeniz Güne Bakış 02.01.2012

İsmet Hacısalihoğlu

This column, consisting mainly of humiliation, swearing and hostiliy towards Armenians, is written as a response to the Armenian newspaper writers who have been commenting on the Armenian genocide law banning its denial which has recently passed from the French Parliament. Through the method the author uses to write the names of these writers, typing the last few letters of their first names and combining them with the Armenian surname ending -yan, he belittles them due to their ethnic identity. Throughout the whole column, the author distorts the declarations of these writers and adopts a one-sided, exaggerated discourse that idealizes the Turkish nation and claims that the ones to be blamed for the happenings of 1915 are Armenians themselves. Furthermore, by supporting his claims with a decontextualized quote from the Quran (“You like them but they don’t like you”) and with statements like, “If God gave these (referring to Armenians) an opportunity, they would do the same thing again” he fosters hate and hostility.

Sayfa: 3  Types of hate speech: Exaggeration, Distortion / Insult, Humiliation / Hostility, War Discourse,
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