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usage of an identity as an insult ötekileştirme Humiliation / Animosity Insult/Humiliation/Cursing alienation usage of identity as an insult ayrımcılık hakaret hostility/war discourse exaggeration insult by generalization hostility misleading hate language Kurdish
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Women resemble fruits

Ahmet Özdemir

”Our indispensables, our mothers, sisters, daughters, lovers, wives” is the way the author describes the importance of women and their place in the society. The author quotes from a poem that overtly humiliates and belittles women starting with the following lines: “Some women resemble unripe fruits who will get stuck in your throat / There are other women resembling pomegranate grains, you can get a handful of them and swallow”. Then, he assigns women into groups such as, “AK” (white), “PAK” (pure), “LAK LAK” (chatter), “YAK” (burn), with short superficial and stereotypical descriptions.

Sayfa: 2  Types of hate speech: Insult, Humiliation,
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