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On its coverpage devoted to the Dağlıca incident, Sözcü makes a call to war by the headings. It addresses civilians killed by the Turkish army forces in Uludere with the headline, "They have attacked our soldiers with their smuggler's outfit". And with the spot 'If we shoot them then we are blamed as in the Uludere incident, but if we don't then our soldiers die." the newspaper editorial is legitimizing the mass killing. Furthermore, the headline printed in red "Our pain will not end through tears, it will only end with a planted flag on Kandil.", together with another headline that reads "Stop crying and do what it takes!" all make a call to war. Below, a Turkish mother is quoted: "My son will shoot them as well!". All these headlines are legitimizing deaths, and crying out in favor of war.

Sayfa: 1  Types of hate speech: hostility, war discourse,
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