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homophobia insult Humiliation / Hostility essentialism ayrımcılık hostility enmity/war discourse Armenian düşmanlık perception of threat exaggeration Insult / Hostility usage of identity as an insult insultation finger-pointing,insulting,enmity humiliation
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The important thing is to feel the Sura rather than to memorize it

M. Günay Sıddıkoğlu

Abbas Boyzel criticizes AKP and CHP policies against Kurdish people and he adds that because of them the leader of BDP finds the courage to say things like: “ the government and the PKK should work together to put an end to these attacks.” With his statement that starts with “The PKK terror that destroys our countries and hearts which can only be done by the Armenian seeds, Greek rowdies, despicable Serbians, Bulgarian guerillas…” he presents the mentioned nations as the enemies.

Sayfa: 11  Types of hate speech: humiliation, insult, hostility,
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