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humiliation,enmity,finger-pointing gay usage of an identity as an insult hostility,dostortion Kurd essentialism Humiliation / Hostility exaggeration exaggeration/ ascription /distortion/ humiliation enmity usage of an identity as an insults targeting Hostility/ War Discourse düşmanlık anti-Semitism
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Will this continue during Ramadan?

Koray Taşdemir

The police recently surrounded the Galata Kuledibi Square where young people pass their nights. In this news article, it is said that the polica could not prevent disgrace caused by the “immorality of men and women who display all kinds of sexual perversion after drinking all night”. The news story is constructed based on the interviews that are made only with the ones who are complainant about the situation. One of the interviewees is quoted “gays and lesbians display all types of perversion. Women and men drink, go to a corner and have sex without any reservations”. The editors of the newspaper take part in homophobic discourse by affirmingly featuring this quotation that displays homosexuals as perverts.

Sayfa: 16  Types of hate speech: humiliation, insult,
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